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Yes, yet another iteration of This site though is my beta site for my dissertation. I am importing many texts in order to do correlations of these texts against one another. My dissertation is aimed specifically at Roman satire, but in the process, I use many other texts in order to segregate Roman satire into its own genre.

I will be adding many texts here in order to give students reading these texts a quick way to read the texts by parsing the words fast. Other sites make it so you have to click to a new page which wastes time. I make it so you only have to hover over the word to get not only a parsing, but a dictionary entry as well. Many more eye candy will be added soon.

I know, I'm lacking a lot of Greek texts, they will be added shortly. I am way more of a Hellenist, but my dissertation is Latin-heavy therefore I had to add Latin texts first in order to get the data I needed.

Go to the store to buy the Greek Drill sheet, or the Latin Drill sheet or the new Christmas reader!

I'm also translating the Bible in my spare time Bible

Cube Whidden