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Ecce Romani Laminated Latin Drill Sheet

This is a Latin Drill sheet tailored for the Ecce Romani grammar. Be advised that the Ecce Romani grammar uses parts of paro and porto for the first conjugation and parts of habeo and moveo for the second conjugation. I believe this is a major flaw and a horrible inconsistency in this grammar, nevertheless I preserve the forms. It is used to test yourself or your students on their Latin forms. It has the regular forms across all 4 Latin conjugations, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd -io and 4th. It has various common irregular verbs such as nolo, volo, sum, fero, eo and possum. It has the personal pronouns, all 5 declensions, adjectives of the 1st and 2nd declensions (magnus), adjectives of the 3rd declension (omnis), relative pronouns, ille, interrogative pronouns, ipse, the indefinite adjective, various common prepositions as well as 20+ common deponent verbs and much, much more.

I use it with my students each week. It is a perfect resource to get Latin students in groups of two to quiz each other. It also is a good indicator to the students themselves of how far along they are in memorizing all the necessary forms.