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CVG Mark Chapter 4

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1. And again He began to teach beside the sea. And the large crowd gathered to Him so that He embarked into a boat to sit on the sea and all the crowed were by the sea on the shore.***

2. And He was teaching them in many parables and was saying to them in His teaching,

3. "Listen, behold a sower went out to sow."

4. "And it came about in his sowing some fell beside the road, and winged fowl came and at them up."

5. "And others fell on stony places where they did not have much earth and they immediately sprung up because they did not have deep earth."

6. "And when the sun rose it was burned and because it did not have a root it was dried up."***

7. "And others fell on among thorns, and the thorns came up and they choked them and they gave no fruit."***

8. "And others fell on good earth and springing up gave fruit and increased one bearing thirty fold and one bearing sixty fold and one a hundred fold."

9. And He was saying, "Whoever has ears to hear let him hear."

10. And when they were alone [with Jesus], they were asking Him concerning it [the parable of the sower] and parables [in general], those with the twelve.

11. And He was saying to them, "To you the mystery of the kingdom of God has been given, but to those outside all things are in parables."

12. In order that,
Seeing they will see and not behold,
And hearing they will hear and not understand,
Lest they turn around and [their sins] be forgiven them (Isaiah 6:9,10).

13. And He says to them, "Do you not know this parable, and how will you understand all the parables?"

14. "The one who sows is sowing the word."***

15. "And there are those that are [sown] beside the road. When the word is sown and when they hear immediately Satan comes and takes the word from the one sown among them."

16. "And there are those sown on rocky grown. These are when some hear the word immediately they receive it with joy."

17. "And they do not have roots among them, but they are temporary. When tribulation comes or persecution because of the word immediately they stumble."

18. "And there are others, those sown among the thorns. These are those who hear the word."

19. "And the anxious thoughts of the age and the guile of riches and the desires concerning the future coming chokes the word and [the plant] becomes unfruitful."

20. "And there are those who being sown on good ground who hear the word and receive it and bear fruit some thirty fold and some sixty fold and others a hundred fold."

21. And He was saying to them, "A lamp does not come that it may be put under a two gallon bucket or under a bed, is it? Does it not come that it may be put on a lampstand?"

22. "For there is no secret except that it may be revealed, neither anything hidden but that it may come to be known."

23. "If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear."

24. And He was saying to them, "Watch what you hear. In the measure you measure it will be measured to you and more will be added to you."

25. "For whoever has it will be given to him; and whoever does not have, also what he has will be taken from him."

26. And He was saying, "Thus the kingdom of God is like a man who threw seed on the ground."

27. And he sleeps and rises night and day and the seed grows and gets taller, nevertheless he himself doesn't know [how this happens].

28. The earth bears fruit automatically, first [it appears as] grass, then an ear [but no corn], then the fully grown grain in the ear.

29. And when the fruit is bound fast [to the plant], immediately [someone] sends the scythe because the harvest has come.

30. And He was saying, "How shall we compare the kingdom of God or in what parable shall shall we place it?"

31. "Just as in the seed of mustard which when it is sown in the ground being smaller of all the seeds of the earth,"

32. "And when it is sown, it grows up and it becomes greater than all garden-herbs and makes great branches so that it is able by its shade to settle the birds of the heaven."

33. And in many such parables He was speaking to them the word as they were able to hear.

34. And without a parable He did not speak to them and only with His own disciples did He untie all of them.***

35. And He says to them in that day being evening, "Let us travel through further."***

36. And leaving the crowd they took Him as He was in the boat and there were other boats with Him.

37. And a great storm of wind came about and the waves beat into the ship so that the boat was already loaded [with water].***

38. And He was in the poop of the ship on a cushion sleeping.

39. And getting up He rebuked the wind and said to the sea, "Muzzle it and be still!" And the wind abated and there was a great stillness.

40. And He said to them, "Why are you cowardly? Have you no faith?"

41. And they were afraid with a great fear and were saying to one another, "Who then is This, both the wind and the sea obey Him?"***